Contemporary Living is currently seeking investment partners.  

“This network reminds you to enjoy life.”  

Chef Keith Schroeder, author “Mad Delicious,” host “Ice Cream Nation.”



Contemporary Living Network is:

Contemporary Living Network, Inc. is a Multi-Channel, Subscription Video On Demand hybrid service (SVOD / AVOD) focused on positive lifestyle edutainment, with audience engagement and real life integration at its core.   CLN provides inspiration for our viewers in Food, Travel, Entertaining, Home, Lawn & Garden, Pets and Health & Fitness in a non-linear, always available library.  Our viewers can immediately purchase many of the goods the services featured in our programming.

Our vision is to become the most trusted resource for lifestyle advice featuring: Food, Travel, Entertaining, Home, Lawn & Garden, Pets and Health & Fitness.  

Enhanced Media Experience For Our Audience

Contemporary Living Network is producing original programming in the new 4k UHD format bringing an incredible visual experience to our audience.  The entire library of programming is available when, where and how you want to view it with seamless playback experiences across all digital, mobile and traditional devices.



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