“Ice Cream Nation” and “Fork U” start 4k UHD Production

October 19th, 2014; Atlanta, GA; Award winning Producer / Director Walter Biscardi, Jr. helmed the first week of 4k (UHD) production at Biscardi Creative Media (BCM) for the new Contemporary Living Network (CLN).   Shooting with a combination of the Panasonic Lumix GH4 and the Blackmagic Design 4k Production Camera, a total of 7 episodes were shot across both series over 4 days.

“It was both fun and a challenge to turn around a week of shooting in 6 locations for 7 episodes of 2 completely different series plus our very first production in the 4k (UHD) format,” notes Biscardi.  “All the research, planning and of course the many years of experience we have in broadcast and lifestyle production really paid off in a very smooth and fun production cycle.”

Ice Cream Nation Chef Keith Schroeder kicks off day one of “Ice Cream Nation.”

The BCM crew first traveled around North Georgia with Chef Keith Schroeder to source ingredients for “Ice Cream Nation.”  They went to the farm, visited a beer growler and finally ended the day with a memorable interview with Sergey the Beekeeper.  “The farm and beer growler locations were both great visually and the information we were getting.  The cameras were performing perfectly in the two locations, and then we got to the honey location and Sergey.  It was the final interview of the day and he was just a fantastic story and really lit up the screen with Keith.”

 Chef Keith Schroeder with Sergey the Beekeeper

The second day of production centered around the home kitchen where Keith prepared Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice, Honey and Beer influence ice creams.  “We used the Blackmagic Design 4k Production Camera as our overview camera which also exposed the camera operators, lights and other equipment” said Biscardi.  “I don’t believe in a ‘fourth wall’ that separates the on camera action from the crew and our audience.  The crew is a part of each series and act as the eyes, ears and mouths of the audience actively engaging and participating with our hosts no matter what they are doing.  It’s more fun both for the crew and the on camera hosts.”

BTS_8Chef Keith Schroeder enlists Lucky the Dog and his son Jackson into churning the ice cream.

Immediately after completion of two days of production on “Ice Cream Nation” the “Fork U” team rolled into Atlanta led by Executive Producer April Simpson of Producer Girl Productions.    “Fork U” looks at the science behind the food we all eat and examines many of the myths that have persisted through the years.  The first two episodes were shot in a home based kitchen featuring Steak and Salmon.  “The challenge here was a stove that was tucked into a back wall that took away an angle looking at both Chef Simon Majumdar and Terry Simpson while they cooked.  We used a combination of a GoPro and photographer Cheryl Collins propped up on a counter to get the shots we needed for April,” said Biscardi.

ForkU-October2014-Web-6Chef Simon Majumdar and Doctor Terry Simpson shooting “What the Fork is Steak?”

The production team really enjoyed working with Chef Majumdar who ended up preparing all the crew meals during the first day of production.  “He was making these incredible steak and salmon dishes.  We had a pretty small crew so when the episodes wrapped, it was ‘dig in everybody’ and we did.  Boy did we ever!” said Biscardi.  Doctor Simpson got high marks for his cooking as well.  “Part of the fun was Simon and Terry were both preparing food and they approached their meals in different ways.  It was neat to see science applied to what Terry was doing while Simon was doing what I guess we would call ‘traditional’ culinary approaches.”

ForkU-October2014-Web-45Incredible Steak and Chimichurri sauce prepared by Chef Simon Majumdar.  The Panasonic Lumix GH4 in the background.

On the final day of shooting the team went on location to Summits Wayside Tavern in Cumming, GA.  Home to over 200 beers on tap, many many more in bottles and the largest Scotch selection in the United States.  Aptly titled “Beervana” the location was like a beer lover’s paradise and served as a great location for both myths and experiments.   “I think viewers are going to love Simon on the beer ladder.   We may have gotten a bit out of control but Summits says we’re welcome back anytime so I guess we didn’t disrupt things too badly.” said Biscardi.

ForkU-October2014-Day2-Web-70Chef Simon Majumdar making an editorial comment from the beer ladder during “Fork U – Beervana.”

The first episodes now head to Editorial at BCMs facility and will be posted online as soon as the Post Production process is completed.

For more information please contact:

Walter Biscardi, Jr. / walter@mtwdentertainment.com / o: 770.271.3551