April Simpson to host and co-produce “Cruisin!”

Contemporary Living Network series to showcase travel aboard cruise ships.

January 16, 2015; Atlanta, GA; – Contemporary Living Network, Inc. (CLN) announces April Simpson as the Host and Co-Producer of Cruisin!, a series to bring the experience and fun of cruising to our viewers, especially first time cruisers.   Remarkably only 3% of all Americans have taken a cruise when it’s one of the most cost effective and relaxing forms of vacationing.  Cruisin! is here to make sense of the dizzying array of cruise lines, ships, food, spas, itineraries, entertainment and ports of call.   There are literally thousands of options for today’s cruise travelers and it can be a challenge, especially for first time cruisers, to choose the right vacation.  April will be your guide to help you pick the right ships and itineraries to suit your tastes.

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“We’re so excited to have April on board with the series,” says CLN Founder, Walter Biscardi, Jr.  “She’s an experienced travel producer and host.  She’s so much fun, takes great joy in traveling and is pretty darn fearless. Skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, rock climbing…. I really don’t think anything is going to faze her, although I’m not sure how good she is in the kitchen, so the cooking segments might be an adventure.  It’s going to be fun watching her not only explore the ships, but to see what adventures she finds herself on at the various ports.”

For the first time cruiser, Cruisin! is designed to take away the mystery of what a cruise is actually like.  The cabins, the food, the pools, the spas, and most of all, what’s included with your vacation.  Every ship and every location is unique so each episode will explore both the ship and crew along with the excursions available at each location.   And hey, you don’t HAVE to do anything at all to enjoy a cruise.  Parking yourself and reading a good book is a perfectly acceptable way to enjoy the ship!

For the veteran cruiser, we’ll explore new itineraries, try the newest ships, and find new places to explore on land.  We’ll also learn from fellow veterans some ingenious tips and tricks to make the best use of your cabin space, excursions and time on board.

“My motto in life is to ‘eat well and travel often’ and when you can do both on a beautiful boat, it’s a win, win,” says April Simpson.  “There’s no question that going on a cruise is one of the easiest ways to see the most exotic destinations this world has to offer. Not to mention, if you need to get offline, and just relax, you can do that too.”gopro wake

As with all CLN programming, Crusin! will have an emphasis ‘actionable information.’ for our audience, essentially booming a travel planner.  “The number one rule of every CLN series is whatever we show the audience, we have to give them the resources to easily replicate the experience,” says Biscardi.  “For every cruise you’ll immediately be able to access not just the itinerary from our website but every detail about the trip including the pre-cruise hotel, the cabin number, the restaurants we ate at, the excursions we took along with all the pertinent links to review the items AND all of the costs involved with the cruise.  You can literally sign up for the same cruise immediately after watching April on the ship or use our information as research to plan your trip.”

Simpson agrees the emphasis on ‘doing’ instead of just ‘watching’ will pay dividends for the audience. “I love the Walter’s concept. Teaming up with Contemporary Living Network is more than just about making an entertaining travel show, it’s an endeavor to help our viewers take the same steps so they too can do exactly what we’re enjoying in each episode. It makes true wanderlust attainable.”


Episodes of Crusin! will be available soon in CLN’s growing library of lifestyle programming streaming on contemporaryliving.tv, on mobile devices and streaming video devices to your TV.

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