MTWD Entertainment Partners with Producer April Simpson on “Fork U”

“Fork U” coming to the Contemporary Living Network


July 17, 2014; Atlanta, GA; – Award-winning MTWD Entertainment production team (Good Eats, This American Land, Network Earth, Foul Water Fiery Serpent) sets to launch a new multi-platform project Contemporary Living Network (CLN) in the Fall of 2014. CLN is gearing up for its launch in 2014 by developing and collaborating on new and unique lifestyle shows. One such collaboration is with Producer April Simpson on the upcoming food show titled Fork U. As a veteran TV producer and feature reporter, for more than a decade, April has helped create, launch and produce nationally syndicated shows such as “Daytime,” “Star Watch,” and the “Reel Animals Fishing Show.”

The “U” in Fork U stands for University and when you listen to April describe the purpose of the show it makes sense. “Now that we have the internet, Facebook and other Social Media outlets available to us, people are learning more and more about food. But what they’re learning isn’t always true” says April. “Our goal is help dispel myths, by presenting facts based on research, incorporating food history, and “upping” the science in the show and and how it relates to your body.”

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