“Ice Cream Nation” premieres with first two episodes!

“Ice Cream Nation” Premieres on Contemporary Living Network
Flagship series can be seen on contemporaryliving.tv

December 10, 2014; Atlanta, GA; – Contemporary Living Network, Inc. (CLN) announces the premiere of the first two episodes of “Ice Cream Nation”: “Ice Cream Basics” and “Pumpkin and Spice”. “Ice Cream Nation” is the latest original programming to be made available for free streaming on contemporaryliving.tv, with more episodes soon to follow.

Says Walter Biscardi, Jr., Executive Producer of “Ice Cream Nation”, “We’re very happy to get this great series out to audiences and ice cream lovers. Not only do we think viewers will really enjoy the step by step guides, but we’re excited by the possibilities of our digital platform. We can react to audience feedback much more rapidly, giving them exactly what they want to see more quickly than traditional media.”

“Ice Cream Nation” follows chef Keith Schroeder (author, “Mad Delicious”) on the road as he finds unique ingredients across the country to inspire new ice cream flavors. Back at the home kitchen, Keith shows our audience how to make incredible homemade ice cream inspired by his travels. Viewers will find Keith’s relaxed approach to cooking easy and accessible, with supplemental recipe information available from CLN to help guide them along the way to making great ice cream in their own kitchen.

In the first episode of “Ice Cream Nation”, viewers learn the basics of creating the base of almost every ice cream Keith will make on the show. Because of the structure of CLN’s programming, it’ll be easy to jump back to this episode for reference later. Biscardi added, “we’re taking advantage of streaming media by building the series essentially as a big cook book with chapters. It’s easy to refer back to earlier chapters so Keith doesn’t have to repeat the same steps over and over.”

The second episode, “Pumpkin and Spice”, features Keith’s journey to Jaemor Farms in Alto, Georgia, in search of the perfect pumpkin for cooking. He also reminds us why it’s so important — and fun — to seek out local sources for ingredients.

“Finding the candy roaster pumpkins at Jaemor Farms was a great example of how going to a local farm really pays off in the kitchen. I’d never heard of a candy roaster but wow, it was so sweet and made a perfect ice cream! You might have to drive a little further to find these sources, but the end result is always worth it,” said Keith.

Back at the kitchen, Keith crafted a homemade pumpkin and spice ice cream that includes a habanero for an extra kick. He also featured one of Jaemor’s fried pies on the side, another great local find.

As the founder of High Road Craft Ice Cream, Keith has been praised widely for his ice-cream skills, including by Alton Brown (Iron Chef, Good Eats) who recently said “I’m pretty sure this is the best ice cream in America right now.”

Additional episodes of “Ice Cream Nation”, including visits to a beer growler and beekeeper and ice creams inspired by them, will be available in the coming weeks. “Ice Cream Nation” can currently be viewed on the Ice Cream Nation Show Page.

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